7 of the best video editing software packages available on the market

7 of the best video editing software packages available on the market

Whether you’re an amateur just starting to study video editing, a seasoned YouTuber or a professional video editor, you need to find the best editing software on the market.

There are so many different video editing tools available, for every platform and for free as well as at a cost. So, where do you start?

7 paid for and free to use video editing software packages to try

Video editing software tools and programmes tend to be confusingly named and packed with so many features it can be difficult to know which represents the best value.

We’ve pulled together some of our favourites in the list below. It features software for iOS, Android, Mac and Windows so no matter your preferred equipment, there should be something to suit your needs.

1. Ideal for Mac aficionados: Final Cut Pro X

For die-hard Apple users, one of the best video editing software offerings on the market is Final Cut Pro X. Check it out here. It’s professional level software so you may not need something quite this complex when you’re just starting on your video editing career. However, if you can afford it, there’s little that offers more. You can also try it for free so go ahead and see what you think before you buy. Total cost of this software is £299.99.

2. Great for beginners: Adobe Premiere Elements

Brand new to video editing or just learning? Then we’d recommend this software, which is a simplified version of Adobe’s Premiere Pro. It’s a brilliant place to start and is easier to use than the Pro version. It’s also correspondingly cheaper, but still more than powerful enough to help you create professional level results right from the start. Have a look here for more on Premiere Elements. The cheapest price we can find currently is around £74.99 for the software.

3. Awesome all-rounder: Adobe Premiere Pro

This package is great for professionals and students with key features including 3D and multi-cam editing. An industry standard used by pretty much everyone in the industry, Adobe Premiere Pro CC is used to create everything from movies and TV to ads and YouTube videos. As it’s part of the Adobe Creative Cloud, if you’re a subscriber then it’ll slot into the suite of tools you’re familiar with. If not, then it’s still very much worth looking at, particularly as it works for Apple and PC. It costs less than £20/month for the individual subscription.

4. Cheaper for novices: Corel VideoStudio Ultimate

Coming it at just under £70 on average, Corel VideoStudio Ultimate runs on Windows only. It’s really easy to use, simple to pick up and great for total video editing novices.

This software is relatively cheap and has a very clear user interface so you can just jump in and get to grips with it quickly. When you’re familiar with the basic features, you can tap into the more powerful ones available. These include 4K support, a music library, multiple cam support, loads of effects, 360-degrees VR video support among others.

It’s definitely not sophisticated enough for professional use but if you’re studying video editing, it’s a great choice.

5. Solid and reliable: Pinnacle Studio 24

Available for Windows only, this is another basic and relatively cheap software package. It’s a great price, starting at just over £50 from some retailers. Not the best known, Pinnacle Studio 24 (this is the current iteration), is definitely worth looking at if you have a Windows PC and you’re just looking to start out in video editing.

For the price you get more than 1,500 titles, templates and effects, colour correction tools, remapping, stop motion features and lots more. If you do like Pinnacle after using this package for a while, you can always upgrade to their more professionally-focused packages, such as Pinnacle Studio Ultimate or Pinnacle Studio Plus.

Free video editing software options

Obviously, free packages are generally not as feature heavy as the professional versions. However, depending on your skills and experience level, they’re definitely worth looking at as you learn your craft. Here are two to try:

1. Best overall free video editing software: KineMaster

Available for Android smartphones and tablets, iPhones and iPads, KineMaster offers much more than you would expect for a free mobile editing app.

Its easy-to-use interface is intuitive and fast, with features including the ability to edit multiple layers, add text and handwriting and use up to four audio tracks. It’s pretty sophisticated and great for learning and creating. Bear in mind the free version does leave watermarks on your work, but you can upgrade to a reasonably priced subscription if you want to remove them.

2. One of the best for Windows 10: Lightworks – free version

You’re more than likely familiar with Lightworks, the professional video editing suite of software that is used on all kinds of high-profile Hollywood movies and videos. This is the free version and comes with a surprising number of features. The main restriction is that you can only export a 720p web compatible file, but if you only want to export a few projects you can buy a one-month licence.

It’s up there among the best free video editing software packages for Windows 10 and can be used on Linux and Mac OSX too. Its interface takes some time to get used to and navigate but there are lots of helpful tutorials. And as long as your projects are non-commercial, it remains free to use.