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We’ve launched this new site as a one-stop-shop for online learning information and resources. It’s packed full of expert info, recommended resources, advice from experienced educators and tools to improve experience.

Why online learning is on an upward trajectory


The education landscape of today is undergoing a revolution. Already underway before the pandemic hit the world in March 2020, the shift to E-learning continues to soar. Growth statistics for online and virtual learning are showing no signs of slowing.

It’s expected that the corporate e-Learning sector alone will grow by up to US$38 billion by 2024. Online learning gives students the opportunity to find the best Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) for their needs. A MOOC is defined as a free, online course open for anyone from anywhere around the world to sign up.

Through online learning, corporations can save millions they could have spent on in-house corporate training. Students can access all kinds of expert tuition that simply wouldn’t have been accessible to them a few short years ago. And universities, colleges, institutions and platforms can redirect budget that would have been spent on physical locations to higher quality tuition and courses.

Key drivers of E-learning over next decade


Corporations will do much to drive the growth of online learning over the next few years. Businesses are choosing to allocate budgets into online learning. According to KPMG, 90% of corporations now use e-learning in some form compared with 4% in 1995.

For businesses, it’s important to provide training without eating into too much of their employees’ time. By saving travelling costs and time, online courses allow their employees to learn far more content in a shorter time.

Career development is a major driver of online learning for the students. LinkedIn research shows that 87% of millennials (born between 1981 and 1996) and 69% of non-millennials consider career development as a main part of their job. And if it’s not they will study independently from their corporation and move jobs.

Global e-learning statistics show sharp growth in online courses


According to Research & Markets, the global online learning industry is expected to be worth around US338.98 billion by 2026.

The biggest innovators within the sector over the next decade include using virtual reality and augmented reality tech. And within e-learning itself, one of the fastest growing sub-sectors is mobile learning. This subsector has grown by 23% over the last year according to figures from Technavio.

What we offer – Shaw Academy resources


Shaw Academy offers accessible e-learning to students based anywhere in the world. We have been welcoming students since we launched back in 2012. Since then, we’ve worked with millions of students and expanded our prospectus greatly.

Read about our online courses here and find out what students past and present think about studying with Shaw Academy here. Over the years, we’ve learned a lot from our students and from our educators about what makes a good online course.

We understand that are students come from all walks of life. Some choose a Shaw Academy course to boost their CV, to help them progress their career, to improve their skills or just for fun. All of our courses are independently accredited and award certification on successful completion.

This website is here to offer resources not just to Shaw Academy students, but to anyone who’s looking for a bit of help with online learning. We cover everything from study aids such as new apps, books, e-books and platforms to reviews of different corporate sectors.

We keep on top of sector developments so that we can share useful information about getting a job in that field or advancing your career.

Accredited and independently certified online learning courses

Many Shaw Academy students enrol with us to learn new skills in order to apply for a totally new career sector, or to boost their chances of getting promoted.

We offer more than a hundred online courses in fields as diverse as photography, art and languages to project management, interior design and how to start your own business.

Our curriculum for each subject is headed by a skilled and experienced educator. All Shaw Academy educators work on our online courses exclusively. They carefully craft the course content, ensuring that as much information is packed into the lessons as possible.

This is a crucial part of our offering. All of our online courses are geared towards the student getting the maximum from them. Each module, therefore, will take you from the basics through advanced and proficiency in the subject. Many of the courses have a strong vocational direction too. This is not just about academic learning. Although learning the theory behind your subject is, of course, important, it’s also important to learn how best to put it to real-life use.

Students will find, therefore, practical and vocational content within the online courses. This could include putting together a portfolio for use in the student’s job application process. Or it may include practical considerations about working for yourself and running a business.

Today’s world expects a lot from students. Not only do you need to thoroughly understand the sector you’ve chosen, but also ensure you have the technical skills and business acumen to develop your career.

Complementary study resources and career reviews

Our online courses now number more than 100 across the following categories:

  • Photography
  • Marketing
  • Design
  • Business & Analytics
  • Finance
  • Health Wellness
  • Technology
  • Arts & Hobbies
  • Beauty
  • Music
  • Language.


To complement these courses, Shaw Academy resources offers plenty of advice and guidance around these subject areas.


From the equipment students need to get the most out of their online course in business analytics, to the best learning apps to include in their portfolio of learning tools, we cover it.


And as none of our resources reviews and recommendations are strictly linked to Shaw Academy courses, the advice works for anyone who is taking advantage of E-Learning.


Since the pandemic hit in 2020, online learning has continued to grow in popularity. As more people realise the benefits of remote learning, this will continue. Corporations and students alike understand the benefits of online learning. From saving time on the commute to a physical building to attend lectures, to the flexibility or watching webinars whenever suits the student, there are endless benefits to learning online.


For those who are looking to improve their mental health by spending time learning something for fun, Shaw Academy can help too. We offer arts and hobbies courses that include everything from acrylic painting lessons to crystal healing and wine appreciation.


While these non-academic courses can, of course, give the skills to start a business or sell a product, we know that lots of people sign up just for fun. Spending your free time safely learning a new skill or subject online is a great way to boost your mental health.


In the same way that this website will offer corporate sector reviews, tech recommendations and learning resources tips, we’ll also provide info and advice on the non-academic courses.


Follow our updates here for all kinds of articles covering online learning resources. Essential tips, tricks and advice on how to get the most out of your studies go along with reviews of tech equipment and the best ways to manage your time.


Online learning really does open up a whole new world of opportunity and knowledge. And it doesn’t matter what academic level you’re starting from, where you’re based or what you want to learn. You will find a high-quality course online, complete with certification and accreditation. It’s the future of education.