About Shaw Academy

After launching in 2012, online learning platform Shaw Academy has expanded to offer opportunities to millions of students around the world.

Today, the online learning portal offers more than 100 eLearning courses. People who are looking to expand their career opportunities, land a new job, learn how to start a business or just want to start a hobby, all find accessible opportunities with Shaw Academy.

About Shaw Academy and how it works for virtual students


Our vision is to offer education without limitation. And that’s exactly what we do. To give everyone the opportunity to try online learning, we offer four weeks free for every new student.

This means that the first module of any of the courses available in our online education catalogue is completely free of charge. Four weeks is the duration of the first module of any of our courses. When this is complete, students can decide whether to subscribe and continue learning with Shaw Academy.

It’s easy to sign up for the four weeks free at our main website. Then it’s a case of attending twice weekly live webinars if possible. If not, the lessons are available to watch in your own time 24 hours after going live. This allows students to organise their virtual study around other commitments.

What is Shaw Academy Resources?


As well as our main online learning platform shawacademy.com, we also offer a number of resources free of charge. This website is one of these, and covers all kinds of useful information, advice, reviews and study resources aimed at making your experience simple, enjoyable and useful.

Information and advice from our educators are available on this site to help students in their learning. All of our course leaders and educated work only for Shaw Academy, and are heavily involved in crafting the course modules. The overall aim of our online courses is to ensure that the maximum amount of learning is imparted in the most affordable and accessible way possible.

Higher education at a lower cost accessible to anyone around the world is the Shaw Academy ethos.

Start learning with Shaw Academy free of charge


To ensure our courses are as accessible as possible, we offer four weeks free to every new student. As this is the same length of time as the first module of all of our online courses, this gives people the chance to consider whether online learning is for them.

If they decide it is, then it’s simple to sign up. And for one monthly subscription, students can then access all of our courses. There’s no limit to the number of courses you can study at the same time, which offers freedom of choice and total flexibility for higher education.

Every Shaw Academy course comes in four modules, from beginner level through to proficient. Independently accredited course certifications are available for all successful students and graduates.

Our complementary free resources include Shaw Academy Reviews, which gives plenty of information on the courses and career options they lead to. You can also find out whether a course is for you from reading the hundreds of student reviews we’ve collected over the years.