Health & Beauty Industry Review


Health & Beauty Industry Review

What’s Trending

  • Novavax on Thursday announced that its vaccine candidate was 89% effective against the coronavirus and offered some protection against new variants.
  • The Italian beauty trade show Cosmoprof is postponed, now set to run Sept. 9 to 13.
  • New research has linked fried food intake to a higher risk of major heart disease and stroke.
  • No7 Unveils ‘Unstoppable Together’ Campaign. The multipronged initiative aims to bring more women back into the workplace.
  • Eye yoga, the new wellness trend on the block, promises brighter, better rested peepers in under five minutes

Top News stories

Make Up for Men

Avon Mexico has launched a new make-up line for men in collaboration with make-up artist Patrick Mua. The genderless PatrickMua with Mark by Avon collection includes a line of eight different lipstick shades such as a coral neon, nude and lilac. Looking to break down the stigma of make-up being just for women, Mua told Vogue Mexico that make-up “has no gender. It’s an art, nothing more.”

Forget the Gym – you only need 5 minutes

A study has found that short 5 minute workout sessions at home can have long-term benefits. Five minutes of burpees, jump squats and other calisthenics significantly improves aerobic endurance, according to one of the first randomised, controlled trials to test the effects of brief body-weight workouts. Reassuring, at a time when many of us are relying on short exercise sessions in our homes to gain or retain our fitness.

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What’s Been Stacking Up

Germany’s vaccine advisory committee warned: “The AstraZeneca vaccine, unlike the mRNA vaccines, should only be offered to people aged 18-64 years at each stage.”

Iris Law Joins Dior Team as Beauty Ambassador in the U.K. The actress and model follows her father Jude Law through the doors of Dior as a brand ambassador.

Subway’s bread is too sugary to be called ‘bread’ in Ireland. The Irish Supreme Court ruled that all varieties of Subway’s sub rolls cannot be considered bread because they are too sugary.

AmorePacific has teamed up with Italian brand Off-White to launch a new beauty and fashion collaboration named the Protection Box. Haircare brands should focus on hair texture to get ahead in 2021, found Mintel. According to the global market research firm, there is a need for a broader product offering in haircare.