Photography & Design Industry Review

Photography & Design Industry Review

What’s Trending

  • Heath Kane creates cover art for Penguin’s final printed versions of George Orwell classics
  • Buffalo London sets platform trainers ablaze for first digital-only product release.
  • Razer develops concept for transparent light-up face mask.
  • Twitter updates its identity to match the “complexity” of conversations today.
  • Leica Announces M10-P Reporter, a limited-edition camera to celebrate press photography.

Top News stories

Sony just destroyed the competition

With the new Sony a1 camera release, Sony has pushed the barrier of numerous technologies as well as brought us technology that has previously been impossible. The Sony a1 now has a 50.1MP sensor paired with a new BIONZ XR imaging processor that is eight times more powerful. You can literally shoot full-resolution raw images at a higher speed than traditionally used video frame rates.

Neno x Japan Airlines

Nendo has unveiled an in-flight amenity kit for Japan Airlines (JAL) inspired on the airline’s red crane logo. Dubbed tsurumaru (crane circle), the logo acts as a symbol of peace, prayer, and the spirit of hospitality. The new kit includes everything from the cutlery and plates, to blankets, cardigans, eye masks, slippers and menu cards alike. The design emulates both the paper crane’s wings and its folding pattern in the different pieces.

You can trust us on this one.


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What’s Been Stacking Up

Lego releases flower and bonsai kits to help people “switch off and relax” at home. The Danish brand’s Botanical Collection consists of two sets, both featuring snap-together components derived from sugarcane.

Textile designer Ýrúrarí, who is nominated for this year’s Icelandic Design Award, gives new life to worn-out clothes by adding playful knitted details such as eyes, tongues and fingers.

Icelandic designer Valdís Steinarsdóttir is turning byproducts from the meat industry into vessels made of bone and a bioplastic material for packaging.

A new meme-generator called’ Put Bernie anywhere’ has gone viral where you can put Bernie Sanders anywhere on Google street view.

Fujifilm has also announced a new X Series camera, the X-E4, along with two new XF lenses.